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A.W. Metal Spinning is a growing business in the industry of custom concentric and symmetrical metal parts production., Our specialty, metal spinning, is a unique process that allows us to form concentric and conical shapes, up to 44" diameter, with no seams or welds. Tooling costs are typically a fraction of what other metal forming processes charge.

A.W. Metal Spinning makes the extra effort to offer our customer a better choice in obtaining metal parts. We work to your unique specifications, in a cost effective manner, to bring our customers a true customized metal part which will meet your expectations, each and every time.

Other Metal Services

In addition to A.W. Metal Spinning's specialization in metal spinning, we perform a number of metal spinning related services to better meet our customer's needs.

Some of our other Services include:

  • Press Braking
  • Square Shearing
  • Circle Shearing
  • Cylinder Rolling
  • Press Punching
  • Press Drilling
  • Welding

For more information on how A.W. Metal Spinning can make the most of your spinning, please contact us by phone or email to obtain a detailed quote.

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